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Valucom's BillVerify

Quickly and easily detect and report Telco billing errors

BillVerify helps you quickly and easily detect and report Telco billing errors. BillVerify supports CABS/CRIS billing verification for selected carriers and selected USOCs using industry standard EDI 811 electronic billing. BillVerify is the only Web-based bill verification software and is customizable to meet your exact billing verification requirements. Significantly reduce the time consuming and manpower intensive process of manually verifying every Telco bill.

BillVerify benefits include:
  • Instant verification of CABS and CRIS electronic EDI Telco bills via the Internet or your corporate intranet - resolve billing differences within hours not months
  • Customize to meet your specific user requirements
  • Billing exception reports organized by carrier, location, account number and circuit ID
  • All exceptions reported at the USOC level for quick and easy verification
  • Uses the most accurate and up-to-date Telco tariff database
  • Direct links to the actual Telco tariffs
  • Supports multi-year and special contract arrangements
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