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  • AccessPrice
    An Internet tool that prices special access loops up to OC48 using NPA NXX or CLLI codes. It includes both MEET Point and MSA special access pricing rules and rates. The basic AccessPrice includes extensive coverage of all major IXC, RBOCs and a wide variety of major independent local companies as well as NECA. Read More

  • BillVerify
    Designed to quickly and easily detect and report Telco billing errors. BillVerify supports CABS/CRIS billing verification for selected carriers and selected USOCs using industry standard EDI electronic billing. BillVerify is the only Web-based bill verification software and is customizable to meet your exact billing verification requirements. Read More

  • Databases
    Valucom offers a wide range of telecommunications tariff database services. These databases provide rate information for numerous services offered by almost every telecommunications carrier worldwide. The databases enable our clients to include tariff prices in their call accounting software, billing systems and verification software, network design applications, network design applications, or other applications which require electronic access to the most current and accurate tariff cost data. The information may be customized to a client’s specific needs. Read More

  • DealCompare
    DealCompare is Web-based, completely intuitive and features powerful searching and reporting tools to provide you with specific contract-level price information that you'd be hard-pressed to get anywhere else. Compare and Search for negotiated deals based on size (MARC), deal term, date range, carrier, contract option number or service and generate the detailed or summary-level reports you need to size up the market and set your negotiation goals.

  • End Office Information
    Look-up the End Office information of an NPA NXX. Output includes information such as LATA, wirecenter V&H, ratecenter V&H, CLLI Code, Telco ID, carrier name and facilities.

  • Local Calling Area POP Mapper
    Identifies all the originating points that are local to a particular rate center.  Need to place a new access point and want maximum coverage?  By using this tool you can determine how many and which NPA NXXs can connect to a given point.  Perfect for ISPs or anyone who operates any type of dial-up service.

  • MEET Point Billing Arrangements
    Display the currently filed billing arrangements between carriers.  Given the complex and diverse telecom landscape, multi-carrier connections are a part of most pricing situations.  With this tool clients are able to view the break-down of carriers involved and their associated billing percentages for each service.

  • Mileage Calculator
    Calculate the direct and circuit mileage between two points, using either Area Code and Exchange or CLLI Codes. In order to provide circuit mileage, the tool automatically locates the nearest POP supporting T-1 service for each of the IXCs. Don't just look at the direct distance between two points, get the whole mileage picture.

  • Rate Summary Reports
    Valucom's Rate Summaries provide the most current information about Long Distance, Special Access, Switched Access and Private Line services to name a few. Valucom’s Rate Summaries are Internet-based rate table service that consolidates telecom carriers' pricing information into quick, easy-to-use, and understandable table format. Valucom gathers the rate information from thousands of tariff pages and the major IXC, RBOC, LEC, and ILEC calling plans

  • Switch Manager
    Switch Manager is a Web-based, Business Intelligence tool for Cost Reduction Avoidance and Recovery needs. Switch Manager provides the ability to analyze all the relevant usage and flat costs involved in the pricing of a particular End-office or Access Tandem connection using switched access and direct trunk transport interstate and intrastate rates.

  • TariffAlert Pro
    The TariffAlert Pro system will automatically e-mail a notification to you when updates or changes are made to any of the tariffs you have requested. TariffAlert Pro enables you to customize not only the frequency but also the content of your report. Don't waste your valuable time checking tariffs for updates; TariffAlert Pro can automatically notify you when they happen! Read More

  • TariffNet Library
    Valucom’s Internet based tariff library, offers timely access to the most current telecommunication’s carrier rates and product information so important to your daily business functions. Access to up-to-date tariff information provides you with the valuable competitive information, purchasing comparisons, billing verification justification or regulatory support critical to any company in telecommunications or related fields. Read More

  • ValuLocal
    Define and price Local Calling Areas (LCAs) instantly.  LCA definitions include information such as dial requirements, Mandatory Extended Area Service (EAS), Optional EAS, rate centers, and rate steps. Display all the rating plans available including Flat, Measured, and Message. Read More

  • WorldNet
    WorldNet users can price detailed Private Line/Special Access Circuits for all Major IXC, RBOC, and ILECs. Also available are National and International carrier tariffs for leased line services in over 60 countries worldwide! Read More
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