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Valucom's WorldNet

Private Line and Special Access Pricing System

From one simple interface, WorldNet users can price detailed national and international leased line services in over 60 countries worldwide. The WorldNet leased line pricing platform can be used via a stand-alone PC workstation, a corporate LAN/WAN and soon, via the Internet.

WorldNet provides detailed interstate and intrastate U.S. long haul and special access pricing at speeds up to DS3. WorldNet also allows you to price access services between selected NPANXX combinations or will automatically select the closest carrier POP. Meet point billing is fully supported for the carriers tracked in Valucom’s access database. WorldNet is easy to use and allows you to save, edit and re-price network configurations. U.S. carriers supported include AT&T, Cable & Wireless, MCI Worldcom and Sprint.

Would you like to add all this pricing power to your software? The WorldNet Application Programming Interface (API) enables you to add the WorldNet Pricing Engine to your own internal software applications.

WorldNet benefits include:
  • Instant and accurate price quotes
  • No more costly and time consuming research
  • Rates updated instantly as received and processed
  • Supports multi-year term plans
  • Accommodates custom/contract pricing
  • Price end-to-end or to a carrier POP
  • Seamless integration with existing platforms via the WorldNet API
  • Friendly Graphical User Interface with detailed circuit mapping
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