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Valucom Database Advantage

Only Valucom offers the Valucom Database Advantage which includes extensive service and jurisdictional coverage, unparalleled accuracy, timeliness, the most flexibility, a choice of update options, many reliable delivery options and the best customer service.
  • Coverage
    No one covers the world of telecommunications tariffs like Valucom. Jurisdictions covered include U.S. interstate, intrastate (inter and intraLATA) and international; and Canadian national (inter and intraprovince) and international. Also, national and international telecommunications tariff data is tracked for over 60 other countries worldwide. U.S. carriers supported include the major IXCs and ILECs (BOCs and major independents). No other telecommunications tariff database provider offers more complete coverage of telecom services in more geographic areas.
  • Accuracy
    In the competitive telecom marketplace, you must have the most accurate, up-to-date information available. Valucom follows strict quality guidelines in the preparation and updating of all its services. Extensive quality checks at every step of production ensure that Valucom customers receive the highest caliber and most timely tariff database service in the industry. Over 250 separate quality control programs are run against our databases every month to check for inconsistencies and overall data integrity before any data is sent to our customers.
  • Timeliness
    Valucom knows the importance of having the most current rate information as soon as it is available and has structured its entire process to ensure that all data is received in a timely and efficient manner. Valucom has direct contracts with all North American carriers, state commissions and the FCC, which ensure the immediate delivery of all tariff documents.
  • Flexibility
    Throughout its history, Valucom has built its business by responding to specific customer requests. All products are priced and sold on a modular basis, so that the customer only pays for the information needed. In addition, Valucom will add new services, carriers and countries to its products and services upon request. Valucom is also happy to conform to specific file formatting or media requirements to minimize the customer’s internal programming expenses. In fact, no matter what your requirements, Valucom will work with you to find the best solution.
  • Update Options
    Valucom offers monthly or quarterly database update options so you can choose the update option that best suits your business needs. More frequent update options are also available upon request.
  • Delivery Options
    Valucom offers many convenient delivery options for your databases. Some of our most popular delivery options include e-mail, FTP or CD ROM.
  • Customer Service and Support
    Valucom’s customer support policies are unparalleled! With every Valucom product, the customer receives a pledge of full service and support from the Valucom staff. Database customers receive assistance in writing software applications that utilize Valucom data, and our tariff experts are available to answer specific questions or help with problems at all times. Our tariff experts have many years experience in the telecommunications industry and fully understand our database formats.
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