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Global Databases

Valucom offers a wide range of telecommunications database services which enable clients to include tariff prices in their call accounting software, billing systems, network design applications, billing verification software, competitive analysis, or other applications which require electronic access to the most current and accurate telecommunications cost data.
  • Valucom Database Advantage
    Only Valucom offers the Valucom Database Advantage which includes extensive service and jurisdictional coverage, unparalleled accuracy, timeliness, the most flexibility, a choice of update options, many reliable delivery options and the best customer service.
  • V&H Databases
    Specific end office, rate center and other key information for every area code and exchange in the North American Numbering Plan. Keep track of the explosive growth of new exchanges and the numerous area code splits and overlays.
  • Rate Databases
    Valucom offers a wide range of rate databases organized by service category, jurisdiction and carrier. Services include switched and dedicated offerings by the major interexchange carriers such as AT&T, Cable & Wireless, MCI Worldcom, Sprint and others as well as the major ILECs including the BOCs, Sprint Local, GTE and the other major independents.
  • Local Calling Area Databases
    Local Calling Area Definition and Rates for over 16,500 local calling areas are supported. Rates include local business line and call pricing for flat rate, message and measured services.
  • Switched and Special Access Databases
    The databases critical for local access pricing, access bill verification (CABS/CRIS), network design and access planning. USOCs and term plans supported.
  • Custom Databases
    Valucom offers customized databases to meet your exact requirements.
Subscribers can purchase access to individual tools or the entire site. If you would like to subscribe to these tools please contact your sales representative or the Valucom sales department.

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