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V&H Databases

V&H Databases are very important for PBX routing, long distance pricing, jurisdiction determination, defining end office capabilities and defining local calling areas. Valucom offers many standard V&H database formats or will customize a V&H database format to meet your exact requirements.

Valucom’s V&H databases include the below information at the area code and exchange level.

  • Rate Center
  • Locality
  • State
  • LATA Number
  • LATA Name
  • CLLI Code
  • Telco ID
  • Rate Center V&H Coordinates (over 40 and under 40 miles)
  • Wire Center V&H Coordinates
  • Time Zone Indicator
  • Daylight Savings Indicator
  • Zone Density
  • End Office Capabilities
  • Type of NXX
  • Other Special Indicators for special situations
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