Telecom Tools & Reports

  • AccessPrice
    Price domestic local access circuits. AccessPrice also prices carrier provided NPANXX based local loops for quick price comparisons.
  • APL Express  
    Highly customized circuit pricing and analysis tool. This tool requires a special subscription and is not currently available for trial. Customers should contact their sales representative if they have any questions or would like to have a custom tool developed for their organization.
  • DealCompare  
    The Contract Tariff Search Tool. Timely and concise summaries of the AT&T, MCI, and Sprint contract tariffs.  Includes a powerful new search capability, allowing complex queries by various key parameters.
  • End Office Information
    Lookup the End Office information of an NPA NXX. Output includes information such as LATA, wirecenter V&H, ratecenter V&H, CLLI Code, and facilities.
  • FrameRelay Pricer
    Price interstate FrameRelay circuits for AT&T, MCI, and Sprint. Detailed rates and circuit components shown.
  • GeoCode Calculator  
    Calculate the distance between two points. Use either two street addresses, to an area code/exchange, or find the nearest wirecenter supporting a particular line type. Distances are computed to miles and feet.
  • Local Calling Area POP Mapper
    Use the LCA POP Mapper to list all of the NPANXXs that can originate a local call to a particular point.
  • MEET Point Billing Arrangements
    Display the current MEET Point billing arrangements for an existing CLLI Code. The tool will also allow you to select a locality name or use an NPANXX.
  • Mileage Calculator
    Calculate the direct and circuit mileage between two points, using either Area Code and Exchange or CLLI Codes..
  • FCC TariffAlert / PUC TariffAlert
    Summary report of recent changes to interstate (FCC) tariffs and intrastate (PUC) tariffs with brief descriptions for each transmittal.
  • Rate Summary Reports
    Quick reference rate reports for MTS, Switched and Special Access services. Reports include all major carriers, speeds and basic charges in an easy to read and print report format.
  • Switch Manager  
    Switched circuit pricing and analysis tool. This is the first on-line version of the tool and only represents a fraction of the features planned. Switched Manager is still underdevelopment and is presented here to demonstrate basic features. Customers that would like to trial the tool, should contact their sales representative.
  • TariffAlert Pro
    The TariffAlert Pro system will automatically e-mail a notification to you when updates or changes are made to any of the tariffs you have requested.
  • ValuLocal
    Generate reports showing local calling area definitions. Display end office information by NPANXX such as V&H coordinates, CLLI codes and end office capabilities.
  • WorldNet
    This version of WorldNet on the internet is a quick tool for pricing complete domestic private lines. Results include summary costs, complete rate detail, POP information, LATAs, mileage, meetpoint, and segment speeds.
Users can purchase access to individual tools or the entire site. If you would like to subscribe to these tools please contact your sales representative or the Valucom sales department.

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